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Papua New Guinea: An Untouched World



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The following is an outline of a trip itinerary that can be customized to your specifications. Take only parts of this trip, modify, add, whatever suits you!

Example Itinerary

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Day 1 - Arrive Port Moresby

Welcome to Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea! You will be met by one of our representative and transferred to a small ferry that will take you to your secluded island resort just outside of Port Moresby. Enjoy the sun setting in the ocean view from your spacious porch before heading to dinner.

Day 2 - Tari: Visit the colorful Huli people including the famous Wigmen

After breakfast, you will fly to Tari located in the highlands of PNG home to Huli people and a number of Birds of Paradise species. A favored destination amongst birders, Tari's rain forests have been the star of many wildlife documentaries. An incredible 217 species of birds have been recorded here and Ambua is home to 13 different species of Bird of Paradise. Explore the forest: seek up to 13 species of birds of paradise and meet the Huli people. Tari today, however, is one of the few remaining areas where men and women still adhere to many of their traditional beliefs and where a man's wealth and importance is still measured by his amassing of pigs, wives and land.

On arrival to Tari you will drive to your highly elevated lodge (7000 feet above sea level) located in the heart of the rainforest. Lunch will be eaten in the dinning room which looks down onto a scenic valley surrounded by mountain ranges. This afternoon you will take an easy hike through a well kept nature trail venturing out into the wilderness, crossing traditional vine bridges, tracing clear mountain streams to a secluded waterfall.

Head back to the lodge for some down time before taking in the sunset.

Day 3 - Tari: Famous Bird of Paradise

This morning you and your experienced birding guide will head out early prior to sunrise to get in ideal position for hopes of seeing 1 of the 13 florant Birds of Paradise. After taking in the sunrise and hopfully one of the birds of Paradise, you will head back to the lodge for breakfast.

After breakfast, you will drive down into the valley to visiting 2 villages; the first village you will have the opportunity to experience a see the traditional sing sing of the Huli men. Feel free to take lots of pictures of the Huli men as they love having their picture taken. Your second village will be the Huli Wig Men. A proud, flamboyant tribe known for their ornate ceremonial "wigs" with dances and songs fashioned on that of the mating rituals of the Birds of Paradise - an encounter with the Huli's is bound to be memorable.

Day 4 - Tari: Discover how the Huli Women Live

Today you will start early with birding in hope of seeing the Bird of Paradise. After breakfast you will be welcomed into one of the locals extravagant orchid garden. A guide will proudly show you each and everyone showcasing his favorite ones for last. After the orchids, you will have a chance to see a Huli woman's village. Here you will get a feel for the Huli's customs and traditions as well as seeing the daily tasks of the Huli Woman. The Huli Women live seperate from the Huli men as it is part of their ancient traditions. A boxed lunch will be provided today before heading to another village where they will perform a traditional sing sing. The Huli people have many traditional songs and dances depending on the occasion.  

Day 5 - 8 - Sepik River: Discover Spirit Houses and the Unique Culture of the Sepik People

Today you will take a private charter to the Sepik valley and board the Sepik Spirit for 4 nights. You will explore the Sepik River and the connecting tributaries on a eighteen seat jet-boat allowing you to visit the remote villages only accessed by limited number of visitors, keeping the experience with the Sepik people authentic.

Take these four days to enjoy the Sepik region, where life continues as it has for centuries. Visit Spirit Houses decorated with carved ancestral figures.  Hear the sounds of massive garamut drums, mysterious ritual flutes and rhythmic rattle of dancers' shell jewelry.  Your guides and village elders will give you insight into the culture, totems and ceremonies. Meet some of the people who live in these remote villages as they are very welcoming people. Talk to them about daily life or buy some of the handy crafts they have to offer. Walk pathways amongst their homes built from materials that grow nearby. 

Day 8 - 10 - Mount Hagen: Birding, Scenery, and Culture

Fly to Mount Hagen and transfer to your lodge which has a beautiful panoramic view of the Wahgi Valley. Here you will enjoy stunning scenery, array of birds, orchids and best of all the sunsets! Experience Mount Hagen's Melpa people; as first contact with the Melpa was made in the mid-1930s when the Leahy brothers (From Australia) were prospecting for gold.

Your lodge has hours of different hiking trails including designated areas for birding, scenery and flora! Over 180 species of birds have been recorded in the rainforests around your lodge including ten species of Bird of Paradise.

Festival - Mount Hagen Festival (Middle of August): The Mount Hagen Show brings together sing-sing groups from all over the country in an amazing conglomeration of colour, beauty and culture.

Day 10 - 13 - Tawali: Relax, Snorkle, Kayak, Hike

Today you will fly to the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea. Transfer by bus and boat to your coastal paradise. 4 days by the sea; tour the area, visit villages, snorkel, scuba dive, kayaking, or just relax!

Snorkeling is highly recommended as water is clear and the coral untouched near the resorts dock.

Scuba Diving is also available.

Festival - Milne Bay Canoe & Kundu Fest: Each year in the first full weekend of November, the small and peaceful capital of Milne Bay comes to life with an explosion of vibrant cultures, traditional canoes and the unmistakable echo of the conch shell... this is Papua New Guinea's largest traditional canoe event.

Day 14 - Port Moresby

Transfer back to Port Moresby and your onward bound flights.

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