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Peru - Luxury Amazon River Cruise



Date: You pick!
Host: Locally Guided
Cost: Varies by experience and chosen boat
Trip Type: Custom Adventure

Example Itinerary

The following is an outline of a trip itinerary that can be customized to your specifications. Take only parts of this trip, modify, add, whatever suits you!

Click on a day below to view details:

Day 1 - Arrive Lima

Day 1 - Arrive Lima

Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to your boutique hotel in Lima. Overnight in Lima before departing to Nauta for your Amazon River cruise.

Day 2 – Lima to Iquitos to Nauta

Day 2 – Lima to Iquitos to Nauta

This morning you will fly to Iquitos and drive to the riverside town of Nauta, where you will embark on your Beautiful Boutique River Boat. We will be assisted by our experienced crew. The Boutique River Boat offers luxury rooms, all with stunning views! It will become clear that you are traveling where few have gone before. The remote Pacaya-Samiria Reserve is 5 million acres of untouched flooded forest. Enjoy some of the world’s finest Peruvian/Amazonian culinary, while taking in the scenery and sunset! Take a moment to enjoy clean air and bright stars with live music put on by the talented staff.

Day 3 – Pacaya - Samiria Reserve

Dawn and dusk are ideal times for nature observation, and an early rise is therefore highly recommended but not mandatory. On your first morning, coffee will wake us up, and pancakes will be a delicious choice for this new morning of adventure and new surprises. Depending on the season, activities will vary. Wet Season (Dec-May) we will get aboard the skiffs and kayaks and explore this pristine rainforest. Discover the black water stream running into the flood plain, look for parrots, macaws and perhaps monkeys, such as the monk saki with its gray and black body, naked face and it's long shaggy tail.

In Dry season (June – Nov.), we will enjoy an fairly easy hike through the forest to a beautiful remote lagoon where we will take dugout canoes watching for Paiche, a fresh water fish that can weigh up to 80Kgs. Keep your eyes open for the worlds smallest monkey the Pygmy Marmoset as they can be seen sucking sap from the trees. Return to the ship for another gourmet meal. Enjoy some down time before heading out on the Kayaks in hopes of seeing the grey and pink dolphin. There is a possibility to even swim with the dolphins!

Return back and enjoy sundowner’s before cleaning up for dinner!

Day 4 – Pacaya - Samiria Reserve

Today we will board the skiff and travel along a lake called Atun Poza, where we will surprise several species of egrets, herons, hawks, long-legged neotropical cormorants fishing for their dinner, and unusual and loud horned screamers. We will also have a chance to explore other blackwater lagoons linked to this huge lake, where wattled jacanas compete with a wide variety of spiders, grasshoppers, dragonflies, butterflies, moths, beetles, etc. living along the grassy edges and lily pads of fresh water swamps and marshes.

Dry Season  we will be hiking amongst 175 foot trees exploring the rainforest. Keep your eyes open for giant otters and bluish fronted Jacamars.
Head back to the our Luxury River boat for lunch and some time to relax and take in the Amazon!
In the afternoon we will board skiffs or kayaks and head into one of the more remote places of our trip looking for rare species of monkeys before watching the colorful sunset on the black colored water.

Back to the boat to freshen up before tasteful dinner.

Day 5 – Pacaya - Samiria Reserve

This morning we will have the choice to either go fishing for the piranhas or explore the shores of Emergent Islands - you choose. Obviously, the piranhas’ reputation as super-carnivores is an exaggeration! There are 25 different species of piranha in the Amazon basin, including black, white and red bellied.

Dry Season we will be in search of unique and beautiful shore birds including sand-pipers, wood storks, kingfishers plus many more!

Back for lunch and then some time to relax!
This afternoon you will have the opportunity to visit the Yanallpa, riverside community, this will be your first interaction with local villagers and to meet their unique way of life. After our time with the local people we will head back to our river boat for a deluxe farewell meal as the ship begins its journey back to Nauta.

Day 6 – Pacaya - Samiria Reserve

This morning,  we will visit another local village learning a bit about their culture and way of life. After some time meeting and interacting with some of the locals, we will head back for lunch while traveling back Nauta to demembark and transfer to Iquitos.
Here we will take in a relaxing city tour while recapping our unique and unforgettable experience in the upper Amazon

Tonight we will eat at an authentic local restaurant. Get ready for your journey homeward or continue on to the majestic Machu Picchu!

Day 7 – Machu Picchu

Ask us for more details on continuing your adventure

logo 100x43Continue your adventure with an expedition to one of the 7 wonders of the world to through the Inca Trail to the stunning Machu Picchu!

Call us for YOUR Civilized Adventure!



The price of this trip will vary based on the time of year and level of experience you are looking for. We have a variety of options available and can tailor this trip to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

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