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Custom Civilized Adventures

Looking for something different or don't see the destination you are looking for? Our Adventure Travel Specialists can create a custom itinerary just for you! Our website is just a small sample of what we offer, contact us today!

Date: Sept. 11-23, 2017
Host: Expert local guides
Cost: Starting from US$7,475 includes local flights  AFRICA SALE! $400 off this departure until May 31!
Trip Type: Small Group or Custom Adventure

Date: Oct. 2 - 15, 2018
Host: Kylan Falk of Civilized Adventures
Cost: Starting from US$ 9,898
Trip Type: Hosted Civilized Adventure

Date: February 4-17, 2018
Host: Denell Falk of Civilized Adventures
Cost: US$ 9,998
Trip Type: Family Adventure, Photography Adventures

Date: Sept. 8 - 20, 2018
Host: Local expert guides
Cost: Starting from US$ 5,600
Trip Type: Adventure Series

Date: Aug. 5 - 19, 2018
Host: Local expert guide Albert Mitcho
Cost: Starting from US$ 8,815
Trip Type: Family Adventure

Date: You pick!
Host: Locally Guided
Cost: Starting  from US$ 4,220 per person (4 Passengers), US$5,004 (2 pax)
Trip Type: Adventure Series

Date: Your choice (let us help you choose the best time)
Host: Locally Guided
Cost: From US$ 3,108 per person
Trip Type: Custom & CLIENT APPROVED

 Jan. 16 - 29, 2018
Host: Brian Keating
Cost: Starting from US$15,850 
Trip Type: Going Wild - Brian Keating

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Custom Civilized Adventures

Our website is just a starting point: it doesn't show you all that we do. Our Adventure Travel Specialists can create a custom itinerary just for you! Contact us today!

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