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Our Mission


OUR MISSION is simple: to send our clients on life changing journeys to the most fascinating places on Earth.

OUR GOAL is to exceed your expectations.

OUR SPECIALTY is creative trip design. Over the years our clients have travelled to every continent.

  • Custom-designed trip planning for individuals, groups of friends, family groups, etc.
  • Hosted group trips that depart on specific dates through the year
  • Small ship adventures
  • Specialized trips (safaris in Civilized Style, star viewing, trekking, cycling, etc.)


OUR INTERNATIONAL TEAM is highly experienced. As a group we've been to all seven continents and over 100 countries. We know what works and what doesn't and we are constantly learning about new destinations, properties, things to do and places to stay.


SMALL-GROUP ADVENTURES: For more than two decades we have designed and managed group departures for organizations such as Brian Keating's "Going Wild", the Calgary Health Trust, the Calgary Zoo,  the Royal Astronomical Society and the University of Alberta.  These hosted adventures are in small groups usually ranging from 8 to 18 people, depending upon the destination and the wishes of the organization*. On safari we would have additional vehicles to ensure that everyone gets a window seat.

*In 2015 the Calgary Health Trust's fund-raising climb of Mount Kilimanjaro involved getting 27 trekkers successfully to the summit of Africa's highest mountain. Royal Astronomical Society groups travel the world to view astonomical events like Solar Eclipses and these groups will be larger.

CUSTOM TRIPS: Put your stamp on your own trip and work with our Adventure Travel Consultants to create your own adventure!


We look forward to sending you on your next "Civilized Adventure"!

Please note:  we can't possibly share every detailed itinerary we've ever created on our website, but we hope we've given you a few ideas to start with. We prefer to work on a one-to-one basis directly with you to plan a distinctive trip just for you. We invite you to call or email us.






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