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Civilized Adventures Team

Ajay comes to Civilized Adventures with 26 countries under his belt and over a decade of experience advising travellers.  From backpacking in Thailand and working in South America to travel through Eastern Europe and Asia, Ajay’s love of travel is fueled by the desire to experience life through the eyes of…
Andrew De Angelis is clearly motivated by a love of travel and a desire to unravel the mysteries of different cultures. Originally from Italy, he has worked in Rome, London and
Since growing up on a farm in Central Australia, Karen has travelled to over 50 countries, including extensive adventures in Central and South America and her homeland in the South Pacific.  She has cruised the Galapagos Islands, canoed through the Amazon rainforest, hiked the Inca Trail,  has flown over the…
Kylan’s introduction to travel began at a very young age with trips to South Africa and Thailand before he was five! It was inevitable that he join Civilized Adventures family adventures to Kenya and the Galapagos. Since then, Kylan’s love of travel has taken him to countries such as China,…
Denell Falk founded Civilized Adventures in 1994, building on 13 years in adventure travel. In the early days of Civilized Adventures, Denell established a close relationship with the Calgary Zoo, designing their natural-history based Zoofaris to Africa, South America  
Julie has lived in Italy (Milan and Sicily), and for three years she was a tour leader in Egypt and on overland adventures through the Middle East and trans-Africa. She also worked on the operations and planning of overland trips through Africa
My love of travel started at 14 years old when I traveled on a school trip to Europe. The places and unique cultures that I visited at such a young age opened my eyes to the world and I have never looked back!
During her last year of high school Katie and her mom travelled Spain and France in a small Peugeot car visiting thousand-year-old cathedrals, eating potato sandwiches, seeing the Mona Lisa and drinking Spanish wine, thus igniting Katie’s passion for travel.
After studying Kinesiology/ Education at the University of Alberta, Kathy switched tracks: a year of travelling led her into the Travel Industry in 1987. Kathy has over two decades of Management and Group Travel experience, including handling
Monica graduated with honours from SAIT’s Travel and Tourism Program in 2007. Her passion for travel, and interest in learning about different cultures and wildlife led her to pursue a career in the travel industry. Monica plays a key role in the exceptional service

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