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Denell Falk, President

Denell Falk founded Civilized Adventures in 1994, building on 13 years in adventure travel. In the early days of Civilized Adventures, Denell established a close relationship with the Calgary Zoo, designing their natural-history based Zoofaris to Africa, South America and other nature hot-spots. As more people learned of Civilized Adventures, Denell was able to expand and she directed her enthusiasm, experience and attention to detail in seeking out amazing new travel opportunities while establishing important contacts around the world. From initially planning Calgary Zoo hosted groups, Civilized Adventures has worked with other organizations including the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Calgary Centre). Today, Civilized Adventures clients consist of individuals, family groups, small groups of friends travelling together, and special-interest corporate groups.

Drawing from many rich travel experiences, Denell is an astute critic of what’s worth adding to a trip, and she never stops looking for new and exciting options for our clients. Denell has been hosting groups for over 20 years, including special journeys testing out new experiences.She has led many groups to Africa (from traditional safari-based countries to the mysterious pyramids of Egypt), Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, South and Central America, as well as expedition cruises to Antarctica, the Spitsbergen region, and our Maritimes.  Memorable "recce" trips have included an eye-opening exploration of Papua New Guinea, a walking trip in the foothills of the Indian Himalaya, our inaugural small-group journey to Sri Lanka, and a trip into Brazil's Pantanal and Amazonia regions, including stays in Rio and Salvador. 


Coming up in 2017: Denell invites you to join her on a PORTUGAL BIKE ADVENTURE in April, an ICELAND small-group trip in June, a trip to MONGOLIA in September, or a MYANMAR/CAMBODIA trip in October. Details will be on our website soon, or call us to get an update.


"As always, Denell encourages everyone to get the most out of the experience. A BIG thank you for arranging the extras!" (India Civilized Adventure, 2016

"Civilized Adventures says it all. First class accommodations, meals and service with lots of unique experiences and adventures!!" (Vietnam & Cambodia Civilized Adventure, 2012)

"It was great fun. Denell pays attention to details and changes the itinerary if something isn't working or the group wants something else. She encourages a person to take risks or makes it easy for someone to move out of their comfort zone." (Vietnam & Cambodia Civilized Adventure, March 2012)

 E-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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