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Trip Hosts & Local Guides

Barb’s 30 years of experience working with animals at the Calgary Zoo has infused her with a passion for seeing these animals in the wild and fully experiencing their natural habitats.
Brad's work in magazine, stock and commerical photography has taken him to more than 55 countries on all continents. Brad's work has won
Jean du Plessis is the founder of both Wayo Africa and Green Footprint Adventures and has been a professional guide all his working life. He spent his childhood running around the African wilderness with Zulu kids in the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains. It was
George is a Wakuria, the notorious hunter-gatherer tribe living on the Western boundary of the Serengeti National Park. He grew up in an era where being among wild animals was part of daily life and at a very young age learned how to respect the wilderness and all
Colleen Baird grew up in Calgary and studied biology at Thompson University in Kamloops (BC) where it was not uncommon to have a black bear up a tree outside the Arts Building! Colleen didn’t have to go far to study herds of big horn sheep, or mountain goats.
 Margie Woo's love for wildlife led her to university where she specialized in zoology and received a biology degree. She enjoys engaging and connecting others to the "wild world", accumulating over 18 years of experience in developing and delivering nature-based programs
Prim is from the industrious Chaga tribe that traditionally live around the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Prim went to a very good school in Arusha, and from there he went straight into guiding. After completing a few guide training courses he spent a few years in the
Travis is a 21st century explorer with a passion for wildlife, conservation, and travel. Recently featured in Avenue Magazine as the Next Generation of Adventurer he has been leading...
James is a Masaai from the Arusha region of Tanzania. He grew up as a "town" Maasai, enrolling in local school and learning to speak English at a young age. James always wanted to be a guide and he was interested in being in the field from a young age.…
With over 20 years of experience in the field, Albert is one of our most in-demand safari guides. He has been guiding Civilized Adventures for over a decade. With exceptional knowledge, strong committment to conservation, and a great sense of humour,
Exaud Kisamo has guided for Civilized Adventures clients for almost 15 years. Born on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1974, he completed his "O Level" secondary education before attending training college where he completed
Howard has been a professional guide for over 12 years. Howard has a true passion for guiding and he prides himself on showing his guests the highlights of Kenya and sharing his exceptional knowledge of, and love for, nature. Howard is known for sharing tales of his experiences in the field and …
Don has over 30 years of astronomical observing experience and has been leading (and co-leading) astronomical tours since Comet Halley in 1986. He witnessed his first eclipse at Hecla Island, Manitoba, in 1979. Since then he has successfully observed 14 total solar
Brian is a busy man! He has been leading groups on nature based travel for over three decades, exploring some of the best wildlife areas on the Planet. He is also Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the U of Calgary, a weekly guest on
Kyle Marquardt is a graduate of Ryerson University’s photography program. With an appreciation for more traditional darkroom processes, Kyle has moved fully into the digital revolution, working in the controlled light environment of a studio, learning real world
Gillian is a self proclaimed elephant addict, but her enthusiasm and genuine love of nature (fortified by her Zoology degree) doesn’t stop there. She has been working in the Education department of the Calgary Zoo for 22 years and has invented and presented
Dr Malu Celli grew up in Brazil where working on family farms and participating in university and NGO projects brought her closer to the animal world. With a bachelor degree in Biology, she pursued Master and Doctorate degrees at Kyoto University, where she studied
Les Stegenga began his career in wildlife biology after graduating from university with a BSc in 1979. His first job took him to the Arctic where he studied polar bears. He subsequently moved to western Canada and for 8 years researched grizzly and black bears along

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