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Colleen Baird, Trip Host

"Not only did Colleen look after our day-to-day needs but she was also very informative about the animals. I think the guides were impressed as well!!" (YK, Kenya & Tanzania Zoofari, Sept. 2012)

"...would like to particularly note our appreciation of Colleen as our trip host. She truly made a marvelous trip even better. Could not have asked for better." (R&CS, Tanzania &Kenya Zoofari, Sept. 2013)

Colleen Baird grew up in Calgary and studied biology at Thompson University in Kamloops (BC) where it was not uncommon to have a black bear up a tree outside the Arts Building! Colleen didn’t have to go far to study herds of big horn sheep, or mountain goats. After graduating with a BSc in Biology, major in Animal Science, Colleen spent 12 years at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore initially as a keeper working with great apes and African elephants, then as Assistant Elephant Manager, and Area Manager of the Arctic and Africa sections. In 2008 the zoo acquired a pregnant African elephant and an adult male African elephant. The successful birth of a young male elephant resulted in her training it from from birth to 2 1/2 years of age. As a founding member of the Maryland Zoo’s Ratite TAG (Taxon Advisory Group working with ratites or flightless birds), she held a position on the steering committee for three years developing research goals for the red neck ostrich, and advising on husbandry and restraining methods.

Now back in Calgary, Colleen is a Curator at the Calgary Zoo where she overseas the Eurasia section and the Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre working on conservation breeding programs.

Colleen’s interest in new cultures, flavours, and nature has taken her to Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Plata and Thailand. Inspired by her work with elephants at the Maryland Zoo, she has spent time in southern Africa, observing them in the wild. She joined the group of Zoofari hosts in 2012, and has since hosted successful Zoofaris to Kenya & Tanzania.  (Read more about her 2012 Zoofari in An intimate look at Africa).

Join Colleen in 2015 when she returns to Tanzania & Kenya, hosting another great Zoofari adventure. Click here for details.


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