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Kyle Marquardt, Professional Photographer

Kyle Marquardt is a graduate of Ryerson University’s photography program. With an appreciation for more traditional darkroom processes, Kyle has moved fully into the digital revolution, working in the controlled light environment of a studio, learning real world subtleties of light while creating commercial pieces. Now thoroughly entrenched in the world of fine art, commercial and wildlife photography, Kyle finds his work taking him to new places. Kyle spent time over the last few years as a photographic guide and naturalist on over 30 expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic and he has hosted Civilized Adventures to Kenya & Tanzania. This trip reinforced his belief that Africa presents some of the greatest imagery this world has to offer. He was guest photographer on our Maritimes Expedition cruise in July 2012 and he joined the Antarctic expediton in February 2013.

Kyle's role as a photography guide: A keen eye will help you capture vibrant scenery, wildlife and culture, but to fully take advantage of this spectacular world most of us need to improve how we use a camera. The ample light of the open African sky can make typical photography seem easy, but sometimes it’s too abundant. Or, in the soon-over golden hour at sunset you may move to the coverage of nearby trees to find it’s suddenly 10 times darker… and once again you’re dealing with difficult exposures. Photographing anything in situations like this can be difficult, and Kyle will work with you to overcome any hurdle and teach you how to roll with the challenges of travel photography to capture a truly unique photograph. For more on Kyle’s work, see

In 2015 Kyle hosts two special small-group safaris to Zambia. With only 6 spaces on each departure, everyone is assured that their photography skills will improve in an exciting environment. Click here for more info or contact our office.

"[Kyle's] enthusiasm for, and interest in everything, including birds and insects, made it possible forus to stop and look at things I believe many tourists miss. Kyle's irrepressible good spirits were always in evidence and he was the nucleus around which the group coalesced" (E. Africa Photo Safari).



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