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Don Hladiuk, Trip Host

Don has over 30 years of astronomical observing experience and has been leading (and co-leading) astronomical tours since Comet Halley in 1986. He witnessed his first eclipse at Hecla Island, Manitoba, in 1979. Since then he has successfully observed 14 total solar eclipses, two annular eclipses, and a Venus Transit in locations such as Indonesia, Mexico, Chile, India, Curacao, Turkey, Zambia, Australia and China.

Don is a past president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Calgary Centre. His eclipse photos have appeared in Sky and Telescope and SkyNews magazines. For the past 28 years, Don has had a regular radio spot on CBC radio describing monthly Sky Highlights to southern Albertans.

Don's regular co-host of RASC "Starfaris" is Glenn Hawley. Together, they share their experience in travel and viewing celestial events with their fellow travellers, many of whom are themselves experienced sky-watchers. On eclipse-chasing trips we always ensure that back-up transportation is available on viewing day and if the need arises, Don and Glenn will take action to move the group on eclipse day in order to find clear skies. In China in 2008 this meant driving to a point close to the Mongolian border. In 2009 it meant driving through torrential rain to find a clear spot. In 2014 Don joined a "Southern Skies" safari into South Africa and Namibia, regions known for having some of the most clear viewing of night skies on the planet.


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