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James Laiser, Specialist Guide

James is a Masaai from the Arusha region of Tanzania. He grew up as a "town" Maasai, enrolling in local school and learning to speak English at a young age. James always wanted to be a guide and he was interested in being in the field from a young age. He started his guiding career young after completeing a few guiding courses. He gained several years of experience as a driver/guide before joining Wayo Africa. From here he excelled fast to become one of the top guides in the company. With Wayo's regular training courses, James continues to prove himself to be an outstanding guide. Besides guiding on driving safaris he is one of the very few qualified walking guides allowed to guide multiple day walking safais in very remote parts of the Serengeti National Park. James' combination of extremely good English, his passion for the bush and exceptional guiding knowledge makes him an outstanding guide who can provide guests of any interest level with a fantastic safari.


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