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Prim Mlay, Specialist Guide

Prim is from the industrious Chaga tribe that traditionally live around the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Prim went to a very good school in Arusha, and from there he went straight into guiding. After completing a few guide training courses he spent a few years in the Northern Serengeti as a resident guide out of Sayari Camp. He is one of the most experienced guides in the Northern Serengeti today. Prim is a keen photographer and general naturalist. Prim's big passion is walking safaris and he is also one of very few guides qualified to guide multiple-day walking safaris inside the Serengeti National Park. Prim will be involved in a number of high-level training courses in 2012 and will be one of the highest qualified guides in Tanzania by June 2012. Jean du Plessis feels that Prim is one of a new upcoming group of young guides who will be of a whole new level in a few years. He will rank as one of the top guides in East Africa.


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