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Margie Woo, Trip Host

"Margie was absolutely a wonderful host. She was always upbeat and making sure everyone was happy and enjoying themselves. I would certainly travel with Margie again... and I truly appreciated all of her efforts". Ecuador Civilized Adventure, July 2011.

Margie Woo's love for wildlife led her to university where she specialized in zoology and received a biology degree. She enjoys engaging and connecting others to the "wild world", accumulating over 18 years of experience in developing and delivering nature-based programs to audiences of all ages. Margie has worked for over 14 years at the Calgary Zoo as an educator, gaining skills that have been recognized with five White Hat Awards nominations for Best Visitor Service: Tour/Intepreter Guide. In 2013 Margie was the proud recipient of the White Hat Award for Best Customer Service: Attractions (Interpretive Guide), a remarkable recognition in Calgary’s tourism and hospitality industry. Although Margie would love to wear her White Hat everyday, a more appropriate head wear for her is a toque (yes, even in the summer!). Also, most days she’s just seeing black and white, but this is all because she’s the Lead Interpreter of the Calgary Zoo’s exciting and captivating Penguin Plunge exhibit. If you ever have a penguin question or you just want to talk safari, come and visit Margie at Penguin Plunge. Margie’s interest in and knowledge of wildlife is extensive and goes beyond the “big and charismatic”. She has a great appreciation for everything – the big and the small, and the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful. Seeing a dung beetle rolling a ball of dung is one of Margie’s favourite memories!

Margie - seen here with Joseph, a member of the Maasai tribe - began hosting Calgary Zoo “Zoofaris” in 2007 and since that time she has hosted multiple groups into Peru, Ecuador, Kenya, and Tanzania. Margie’s out-going, warm, and friendly nature has made her friends wherever she has gone and returning to these places now almost feels like going home. On her last trip to Kenya, the chief of a Samburu village even invited Margie to stay - and become another of his wives (all in good fun of course)! 

Join Margie in 2015 when she hosts a return trip to Kenya on a family-friendly summer Zoofari. Click here for details.